101 things [started 2006]

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. This has obviously been lengthened from 1001 days to ETERNITY.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

43/ 101

Start Date: Dec 13, 2006

bold = in progress or partially complete
purple = complete

  1. finish this list and categorize it (complete Jan 3/07)


  1. get another pair of eye glasses – haha, I got my eyes lasered. I have decided that laser eyes counts as new glasses. 🙂
  2. buy all new underwear
  3. get a manicure
  4. hell, get a pedicure too
  5. buy a really good pair of shoes and don’t cheap out at the last minute
  6. get a really good pair of jeans
  7. Get a winter jacket/coat that can be considered business attire.
  8. Buy something on eBay – bought something on etsy!
  9. Whiten my teeth.


  1. register for the cremation ceremony (complete Dec 20/06)
  2. write my previous family doctor to express my dissatisfaction and anger
  3. write a thank you note to the surgeons, med student, unit and ER staff.
  4. attend cremation ceremony in May 2007 (complete May 12, 2007)
  5. Size 14! Smaller is also acceptable, hell, even encouraged (45 lbs down June 2010)

Artsy / Literary / TV / Movies / Theatre

  1. do the weekend drawing event 20 times (0/20)
  2. throw two pots I love and keep them
  3. spend an afternoon at the Glenbow Museum
  4. see The Fates in concert
  5. read 3 Pulitzer prize winning or nominated books (3/3)
    – Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible – complete Feb 11/07
    – Harper Lee’s 1962 winner To Kill A Mockingbird – complete Mar 4/07
    – Anne Tyler’s Breathing Lessons – complete Mar 20/07
    – On deck: The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx, The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields, The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler (I found a wicked deal on used books!)
  6. read a book suggested by J
  7. attend an irish ceili
  8. get an outfit to wear to a fancy smancy jazz/blues club
  9. hang out for the night at a fancy smancy jazz/blues club
  10. paint or photograph something I’m not ashamed proud to hang on my wall – it’s taken on the trip from Yellowknife and I adore it
  11. learn to knit (dishcloth: knit, purl, cast on, k2tog, yo – Apr1/07)
  12. knit something tangible (J’s scarf complete Jan/07)
  13. crochet a scarve to give away to the dropin center – (knitting blankets for NICU as charity knitting)
  14. that art method book – read it and give it a go
  15. finish the Lempicka painting
  16. finish Des drawing and accept it even if it’s not perfect
  17. watch every episode of Six Feet Under
  18. Watch The Godfather trilogy (0/3).
  19. Attend a local theatre production – Fringe!
  20. Attend a local gallery opening
  21. Design a custom t-shirt & get it printed
  22. Subscribe to a magazine
  23. Watch 10 of the AFI’s 100 Greatest Movies of All Time (6/10)
    #77. AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1973) Jan 13, 2007 (I kept picturing my parents)
    – Star Wars (1977) – Feb 20, 2007 (I love the whoosh of light sabres)
    – Fargo (1996) – March 3, 2007 (investing in a wood chipper)
    – Toy Story (1995) – To infinity and beyond!
    – EASY RIDER (1969) – fine, I didn’t like it. I don’t quite understand the hype…
    – TITANIC (1997) – the sets kept distracting me! ha!
  24. Teach Indy the Hockey Night In Canada song Indy RIP Jan 29 2007
  25. Participate in the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Halloween
  26. Make rosaries
  27. Make a CD for J of our memorable songs (“I love you. Here’s a mixed tape.” ha!)
  28. Have a Firefly marathon party. Oh, how I miss them.


  1. spend a night in NWT, Yukon or Nunavut (Folk On The Rocks July 2007)
  2. finish typing out journal notes from Greece
  3. create adventures page for website with Greece notes, tidbits, and photos
  4. listen to the water from the shores of PEI
  5. have coffee in a cafe in Montreal
  6. camp in a National park
  7. camp in a Provincial park (Fred Penne Territorial Park, Yellowknife, NWT, July 2007)
  8. visit my grandmothers (2/2)
  9. spend a night at the FantasyLand hotel with J
  10. Go to the Regina or Calgary Folk Festival and take someone who’s never been (eta August 11,2007)
  11. Road trip to Banff
  12. Visit my aunts (3/3)
  13. Stay in a hostel


  1. go vegetarian for an entire month
  2. spend a week without using the car
  3. Buy part of, or a whole, llama or goat through Heifer
  4. Volunteer with a group I’ve never volunteered with before (complete – CDIC Clothing Drive Jan25-Feb9/07; Humane Society)
  5. Destroy or gift the palms and replace with plants that will flourish in our living room (complete – Ficus & Jade plant Feb07)
  6. Give to charity every month for the 1001 days (so far, so good – currently United Way & CCFC)
  7. participate in Corporate Challenge – changed jobs to a company that doesn’t do CC
  8. Shop at the farmer’s markets every month for fresh produce (Jan, Feb, July – check)
  9. Drink a litre of water every day (trickier than I thought…)
  10. Attend non-Christian religious service (e.g. Wiccan, Jewish, JW, etc)


  1. install Oracle Xpress on our PC/laptop – external HD prepped with Fedora 7 test 2 Mar 5/07!
  2. write Oracle PL/SQL cert exam
  3. File all the paperwork to get my Oracle certifications
  4. find and use a financial planner
  5. stop paying rent and start paying a mortgage – Possession in Sept 2008!
  6. print and frame pics of the nieces & nephews
  7. send the two really late housewarming presents I have for J & B
  8. unpack the basement boxes and put the stuff in the correct place or get rid of it (complete Feb 3/07)
  9. Take photos of our place and send them to relatives and friends that haven’t been here. – the new house!!!
  10. See that huge pile of papers in the living room and on the fridge? Sort and file. (complete March 2007)
  11. Make the spare room a welcoming guest room (currently contains a room mate, so this is on hold but big plans for new house – already have new linens purchased)
  12. Inventory DVDs (complete Jan 10, 2007)
  13. Inventory Books
  14. Update insurance and photograph belongings
  15. finish paying those hideous student loans (2/2)
    completed CSL March 5, 2007
    – SSL complete April 2007 – paperwork received
  16. Install wireless at home – complete March 2007
  17. Sort and retype my recipe collection onto cards (in progress Mar 2007)

Smell the Roses

  1. ice skate with Jay
  2. get in touch with at least one lost friend (Facebook to the rescue April 2007)
  3. ski or snowboard
  4. swim with Little H 10 times (0/10)
  5. see professional sports live: lacrosse, hockey (complete Jan 2 & 4/07 – go Canucks go!), and football (go Riders go – Summer 2007!) (2/3)
  6. spend another girls weekend with my Mom – Annual Folk Fest Mother Daugher Extravaganza!
  7. Plant planters in front of the bay window – complete spring 2008
  8. Grow tomatoes from seed – complete Mar 2007
  9. Host a BBQ for friends and family
  10. Host 5 games nights (3/5)
  11. Go horseback riding
  12. Accept all social invitations for a whole month, whether it’s something I want to do or not, unless I have another event at the same time.
  13. Send flowers to 5 friends/family “just because” (0/5)
  14. Meet my neighbors
  15. make saag paneer from scratch
  16. get a tattoo
  17. Try new recipes ( 20/20 )
    – Butter Chicken (Jan 13, 2007 – amazing)
    – Onion Soup Meatloaf (Mar 10, 2007 – sage good!)
    – Eggplant Parmesan (Mar 14, 2007 – I like, Husband is afraid of it)
    – Chicken Marinara Rotini (June, 2007 – Victorian Epicure is so lovely)
    – Berry Ricotta Crepes (July, 2007 – Iron Chef Camp Victor)
    – Baked Haddock with green onions and garlic
    – BBQ potato and vegs (thx T!)
    – Home made hashbrowns (peppery good)
    – Black bean and corn chili (New Light Cooking book. Yum)
    – Vegan wraps (everyone liked these but me. Don’t make it LOOK like chicken if it’s NOT going to taste remotely like chicken!)
    – Bison kabobs
    – Scallops and Prawns in red sauce
    – Splenda Brownies (oh horrors. Brownies shouldn’t have a SLICK consistency)
    – Splenda muffins (Ew. why are they so sticky??)
    – Flax seed muffins (amazing. Just amazing and only 120 calories per muffin)
    – Cranberry Pecan salad (I’m not sure if it counts as a recipe but holy cow it rocked)
    – Diana Chickenless nuggets (again, I’m not sure if it counts as a recipe but holy cow it rocked)
    – Avocado Salad (so yummy. Love this living with a healthy eating person… such good food!)
    – Vietnamese beef with rice vermicelli (love those bean sprouts)
    – Beef and brocolli in black bean sauce (so salty)
  18. Blog weekly so I can be reminded of these 101 things and how it comes to be that they become reality (or are lost, and why!)

An extra 10:

  1. Go to New York again
  2. Airballoon ride!
  3. Release 15 more books via Book Crossing
  4. Earn 1 Artscouts badge.
  5. Get prints of The Pair of Pears
  6. (reserved TBA 2007)
  7. (reserved TBA 2007)
  8. (reserved TBA 2008)
  9. (reserved TBA 2008)
  10. (reserved TBA 2008)

5 thoughts on “101 things [started 2006]

  1. Really good list so far, keep it up. I found just making the list was enlightening. It gets quite challenging in the second half. For the Pulitzer books, one I’d recommend is Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. The length may seem a little daunting, but it’s one of the best books I’ve read in the last five years.

  2. Awesome, Gypsyhick! (even though I always just want to call you Gypsy”C”hick! instead… very inspiring… will probably make a list of my own as well! Also makes me want to do more than half of these with you!!!!

    Am I yelling?!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha ha

    I love you

  3. Hey, if you do end up making it to the shores of PEI, let me know… a dear friend of mine owns a B&B in Truro, NS, so I have reason to know that it’s an 8-hour drive to Truro and 10 hours to PEI… we go up when we can. Looooooove the mussels.

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