stupid immune system

My skin is dry, I’m breaking out, I’m depressed and nauseas all the time, and I keep falling asleep in meetings, which I’m told is a great way to “get ahead” in the corporate world. My metabolism is actually matched by the crawl of a snail, and the only way to deal right now is to bitterly launch war against everyone that looks at me sideways, excepting that I’m really too tired to really launch anything except a weak “pfft” and a strong glance in their general direction. To get this bizniss taken care of now that the symptoms have gotten worse, I either take at least a half day off to trek to my normal family doctor’s office which is now an hour each way from work (he lives next to the north pole), or wait 2 weeks to get in nearby to see what can only be some half-wit who is the only doctor in southern Calgary taking new patients.

My immune system is trying to destroy my thyroid (“Hashimoto’s Disease”), which has been a ball of fun over the past three months, but the past two weeks have suddenly gotten amazingly worse. I was nauseas a few months ago (like, missed a week of work type of bad nausea), went to the doctor who sent me for blood tests, and my thyroid tests all came back wacky. At that time, the results apparently weren’t quite bad enough for drug treatment. I forgot at that time that this is also the doctor who told me that celebrex was good for my heart. harumph. Oh – and my boss just called to ask me about all of this year’s sick time. Which I’ve taken because, ya know, I’ve been sick. (sigh)

This could be me (pic from


Sexy, I know. So, my intestines are being eroded by my immune system, my thyroid is slowly being destroyed, and my hope of staying off a daily drug dose is really expiring quickly. At least the thyroid part is treatable… (sigh)


(Update 12/03/06 – I found a new doctor for a second opinion, and had emergency surgery for something completely different on Nov 4. My thyroid is in the range of normal now, and was wacky due to external non-crazy-immune-system things. YAY! Unfortunately, the real problem really really sucked. I don’t know if it sucked more than Hashimoto’s since I’ve never had to live with hashimoto’s, but I would have probably preferred that the thyroid be the problem since it appears to be manageable without cutting into me. )


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