…and that’s what little boys are made of

Nephews! Two of ’em! One new at the end of August, the other new as of last weekend. I could look at them all day long – little miracles, they are. And hopefully will survive their fate as little brothers to their older sisters!

Xavier & Tyson are pretty adorable. Xavier thinks I’m extremely entertaining and giggles at me (but I’m not allowed to sing the Rider Pride song to him anymore or this auntie will have her cuddling privileges REVOKED). I haven’t held that little bundle of Tyson as of yet since he’s in Saskatoon and not quite a week old, but boy oh boy I can’t wait to check out those cute cheeks in person. His dad puts him on webcam, but it’s just not the same as cuddling him myself. I bet his parents’ will let me teach him the Rider song. ha! Take that, Stampeders fans!

Check out those cheeks: Tyson Chase who is super brand new in this pic, and Xavier Nathan at about 2 days old. We’re proud auntie & uncle!


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