countdown to the brain feast

Jay refuses to get a flu shot year after year, and thus brings home all sorts of horrible viruses that then infect his immunosuppressed wife. Or maybe he’s healthier for it and fights off infection before it can get to me – a viral firewall of sorts. We disagree on this point.

He won’t get a flu shot because he believes that, in 15 years, the governments’ preprogrammed “vaccinations” will activate and turn everyone into zombies. Like, real brain sucking zombies, not television watching consumerism zombies (I’m already there, thanks anyway).

I showed him some of the more popular urban legend /conspiracy theories concerning the flu shot, and there’s nothing out there about this zombie-ism, but he will not yield. He claims that the absence of websites on The Zombie Flu actually proves his point. The dissenters have been silenced!

He’s preparing for when I become a zombie, and I’m getting picky about handwashing. We prepare for flu season each in our own special ways.

(he also would like this to go unpublished because, once the gov’t reads this, we’re going to be duct taped and shoved into sacks in the middle of the night, and be replaced by clones. Cool!)


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