Four Rules of Cuteness

Chad over at Chadsblog issued a challenge regarding the collection of Four (4) Rules of Cuteness in exchange for… well, you don’t really need to know but let’s just say it’s geeky and I’m having some WoW withdrawal symptoms, and it’s not fun to be jonesing to be an Orc.

So, Quest begins… now. I will find examples of the 4 Rules of Cuteness and, if even possible, attempt to refute them as well.

In reviewing all of the Rules of Cuteness, I did think that “#4 – more than one species of baby” would be an easy one to refute, but nope – I was shocked to see my hypothesis swirl down the drain when even a hippo and tortoise are “oooh and ahhh” inducingly cute together:

And maybe a little disturbing that they are cute together. And makes me wonder who put them together in the first place to cause such a “life long” love of each other. Odd.

Anywho, on to the next rule of cuteness that appealed to me – “Rule of Cuteness #12: Fuzz + floppy limbs are cute”. This was easy to refute: Penguin babies, for example, are NOT normally cute but are fuzzy with floppy limbs. Any available photos of cute penguin babies are most definitely photoshopped and altered.

Ok – 1 for me, 1 for the Rules of Cuteness.

Rule #18: Have a teeny tiny tail. After browsing through 12 pages of Google Images on keywords “little tail”, I found, well, I found many images that made Jay ask if I was suddenly taking the dive into “morning porn” … but when we’re talking about actual TAILS, I found only two exceptions but on further inspection, both of those exceptions are probably cute to someone out there – probably the same person, actually:

From, I present a little tailed watersnake:


And I also present a lovely biker lady from


I don’t even know how to SCORE this one – let’s leave #12 Little Tail as “Unconfirmed” because of someone who’s gazing at these two images with a loud “ahhhh! How adorable!”. Weirdo.

1 for me, 1 for the RoC, 1 unconfirmed. This isn’t going quite as planned at all. Oh well, into the fray, my friends…

The fourth Rule of Cuteness is easy peasy – #6: Mimic Humans. From Cats of Australia, I give you completely not cute toilet fun:


So, there you go, Chad. 4 Rules of Cuteness. 1 still cute, 1 unconfirmed, and 2 refuted.

Have a very err cute day.


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