1999-2006 RIP

I continually tell you that we’re so hot, but you can’t deny this photo taken by Brian U (you can check his other fantastic photography at his Flickr site)

True Love

Speaking of our crazy monkey love, our coffee grinder stopped in mid grind this morning, then promptly began to stream smoke. At first I thought it might just be me since I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but turns out it wasn’t just me. It’s the first wedding present appliance that’s gone the way of the dinosaur (although I’m sure the dinosaurs had some much more impressive death sequence than grrr-rrr-r-rrrr…. pooof). Our marriage has outlived the life of a quite good coffee grinder. Sweet!

It is a good thing that we got two of these things at the wedding. I just pulled the next one (last one? second one?) out of its box, still with a shard of wedding wrap taped to the side. See? I told you that hauling all this shit around for years would pay off someday.

So the day is starting out lovely with a yummy freshly ground, freshly brewed cup of coffee in my hand that symbolizes a marriage that has triumphed!


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