PomegranateFor the record, I adored these globes of fruity goodness long before the cool kids made them popular – back when all the other fruit made fun of its rather lumpy patchy red outside and it’s furry belly-button top part. Myself and my brother sat on the sofa with warning to be careful with them, and pulled open the sour flesh and weedled out those little seeds of tart sweetness long before the martini lovers discovered them. And now they’re in season so my fingers should be expected to be stained purpley red until the end of the month.

They’re rich in vit’mins that are good. But they stain clothing so beware. Just so ya know. I’m always looking out for you.

I’ve moved on from the Dixie Chicks. I’m now onto Gary Jules – so hauntingly beautiful. It’s on that videogame promo as well, which is nice because it plays on the television and just catches me while I’m walking down the hall.


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