all good things come from saskatchewan

I’m back from Saskatchewan! It’s really really Christmassy there, if for only the fact that the snow kept coming down and the neighbor had a four foot wall of snow on the side of his driveway which I found mighty impressive and oh so very winter-wonderland. We jingled and jangled and ate, and in (our) family tradition, made competition from the most innocent of tasks:

Gingerbread Train

Gingerbread House

Yes. We turned an innocent lovefest of building of gingerbread into a competition. It’s what we do in our parts. Growing up, my brother and I didn’t have many things to compete in since I was academic and my brother was more of a jock, different post-secondary paths, different friends, and different hobbies so it’s actually a challenge in itself to satisfy our competitive natures. This year it was the gingerbread building and actually it was The Husband who dictated where I put icing and what candies were placed carefully on the train to give it the upmost seasonal cheer. The Niece (age 3) assisted in taste-testing the house candies and learned how to eat icing from the piping bag (yeah!). She was last seen vibrating from sugar DTs, poor kid. Last year my brother and I each grabbed a parent, an identical jigsaw puzzle, and bet on who could do it fastest. On another occasion, my dad was the instigator of turning a child’s learning game into “who can memorize what object symbolizes each letter on the alphabet blocks then recite them back without looking”. Dumb L adybug. Our biggest competition in the past few years has been Letter Gifting. The family chooses three consecutive letters of the alphabet, and every stocking-stuffer type gift must start with those letters. The person who brings forth the largest multiple of those letters used in one gift is declared the champion. This year’s letters: LMN. The winner: No Name Mixed Nuts. Superb win, Des! And I now have lots of Lifesavers and Licorice if anyone wants to come over and watch a Movie.

I miss Saskatchewan. It was a wonderful three days, and I’d love to still be playing Dora computer games with The ‘Toon Niece and being spit-up on by The Newest Nephew. And playing cards. And just laughing out loud. And eating my SIL’s amazing cooking. And generally just being able to relax. That’s what the season is about in my heart. I hope you too get all that loving puke, laughter, wonder and goodness. Or at the very least, a whole lot of booze.

I just spent 20 minutes at 10 ways clicking on “information“, images made up of images made up of images made up of images. A whole multi-layered metaphor drawing parallels to, well, everything. Like, totally deep, man. Or just pretty colors. I found it via FeedMonkey, which has lots of tidbits of goodness AND is Saskatchewanian too.

Hmm… not sure if it comes from Saskatchewan, but it rocks, so let’s say it does:


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