#26, here I come!

Wonder Dreams ZigZag for T I’ve been crocheting like mad this past fall due to the arrival of two extremely adorable kidlet nephews. I found a relatively zen-inducing zig zag pattern and modded it a bit to make it less “hole-y” because something I just really dislike about most crocheted baby blankets is the ability for a small child to close their hands into the blanket and it takes forever to untangle the little fingers from all the detailing. Anywho, I found some fantastic Bernat yarn that was lovely soft and pretty easy to go fast with, and I crocheted the hell out of it (Sweet Dreams for X and Wonder Dreams for T). And while crocheting, I started inviting other people over and next thing you know we have our own every-other-Sunday craft circle. It was amazingly grassroots and we’ve had seamstresses, knitting, crochet, needlepoint, and the most unexpected yet really successful group, the bakers and canners.

And then for Christmas, J’s aunt got me the Stitch n Bitch Nation book. OMG. I’m actually going to learn how to knit! (#26 on my 101 things to do) Once I’d opened this particular gift, my SIL had my crochet bag open, yarn flying, and had found needles from my MIL’s stash. We sat and started this “learn to knit” thang. Slippery li’l needles, ain’t they, these knitting pokers?Sweet Dreams ZigZag for X I’m used to a through, hook and pull so the slipping and transferring was odd to say the least. I’m really good at dropping stitches. After my current crochet project (could it be yet ANOTHER zigzag baby blanket??), I’m moving on to a simple knit scarf, then on to a Knitty’s Bob & Weave wrap because it’s pretty and marked “Mellow” which according to their list means “easier”. I tried to find a pattern on the AntiCraft site just because I really want to make something with a difficulty rating of Box of Rocks (As in, “dumb as a…”). We’ll see how it goes. I’m heading to add #27 to my list: knit something tangible.

I also finished a couple of pretty crochet scarves over the Christmas season, but since they’ve been left with others before I took photos, they’re lost forever without the chance to show you. One was even made from the goat-llama-lady’s wool from the farmer’s market, hand dyed in pretty Dora The Explorer colors. Too bad it was itchy and is probably driving my niece crazy. Honestly, it really did seem much softer when I bought it, but once it was scarfified, it’s obviously not kid-friendly. So now, the result is that I got her the “icky auntie makes my neck into rash” scarf. Ah well. After a wash I’m hoping some of that itch goes away. If not, I’ll just have to grab some of that lovely soft Bernat and make her a pretty soft one instead.

So there’s your winter woolie update. Easy knit patterns or links are welcome!


4 thoughts on “#26, here I come!

  1. I teach you to knit. You come visit. I give you patterns (in particular, the ‘swancho’ pattern which is essentially a doily with sleeves, which it great for nieces et al, and is currently my favourite. Also, some no-seams-required sweaters and stuff).

    Also, knitted and crocheted bears and other stuffed animals. We do an afternoon of girly kraftwerk stuff while listening to loud music. Then we drink. And knit/crochet. It will be AWESOME.

  2. Oh, I have envy. Much, much envy. I’ve been a solitary knitter for the past year or so, because I’m not a good joiner and I don’t know how to find others who do it anyway. The past week, my sister has been visiting, and the sheer bliss of knitting in the presence of someone else who is knitting is indescribable. I might just have to blog it.

    Anyway. I am envious.

    And if you sign up at the lionbrand.com site, they have lots of patterns, and for the most part when they say “easy” they mean it. I’ve learned a lot of how-to’s and what-about’s from logging on and chatting with online friends who knit – so if you ever get stuck, look me up (yahoo address in my profile) and ask away…

  3. You ladies rock! I’m on my way to lionbrand, and now looking forward to the day I can sit in the center of the universe with SOAD in the background making something purty and edgy over bevvies (this SnB book has a sweater with FLAMES up the sleeves. FLAMES!!!)

    I knew it – cool people knit!

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