look ma! two needles!

I’m baffled at my own sudden growing ability to knit. I was having difficulty, and by difficulty I mean I had stashed the scarf makings at the end of the couch to be pondered from afar. I wasn’t sure what to do with the confused knotted definitely-not-like-the-photo mess to make it right, when, as if they had heard my cursing from 1000 kms away, arrived the Knitter’s Handbook from Michelle & Chad. After a day with that book, and a mild case of carpal tunnel, I give you the beginning of a scarf:

Large View of YHarlot scarf beginnings

Detail YHarlot Scarf


My monitor is on its last legs, so I do hope the color comes through – it’s a so very pretty dusty blue color – GGH Solitaire in… hmmm… I’m not sure what color this is. It’s this. I started out rough with the first five or six rows, but the pattern has since appeared more consistently now that I’m actually trying to be more diligent. I do tend to put the needle through the yarn rather than around it but the half loopy strings are hidden well after the next row.


Thanks you for your inspirational knitting thoughts and comments – I can see why this is such a popular pastime.

And as this lovely book encourages, “I knit, therefore I am”


3 thoughts on “look ma! two needles!

  1. It’s from the YarnHarlot : “*knit 2, knit into the back of the next stitch, purl 1. Repeat from * till there are 2 stitches left. Knit 2.”

    It’s nice and repetitive. I’ve got about 12 inches now… mmmm… knitting…

  2. Hooray for knitting!!

    Did you see on my blog, where I just learned that I knit like a freak? Whatever, I still love it.

    *Very* nice scarf. It’ll be SO satisfying to snuggle it around your neck if the weather ever cooperates…

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