icy lungs

Winter arrived early yesterday evening. The balmy 8° C spring temperature has hiked up her skirt and run off, leaving us with a sudden influx of -22° C (-31° C when accompanied by our friend “wind chill”). It’s so dry normally, and lack of moisture is making this the cold that steals your breath, freezes your eyelashes, and sand-blasts hard crusty snow into frost bitten faces.

With the influx of bitter cold, I tried to pick up the pace on knitting that scarf for J, but it’s not as successful as I’d hoped. I’m unused to knitting and tensed more than the experienced knitter as I’m talking myself through the process, my shoulders and fingers screamed for mercy by 6pm. So there we were. No television that interested us, christmas tree and decorations already packed away, kitchen and living room mostly tidy, and one of us (me) with idle hands and a hankering to do something useful or evil.

Finish art projects? Nah. Evict that organism living in the bottom of the fridge? Pffft. Organize the piles of stuff that’s laying in every corner of the house? You’ve got to be kidding. Instead, looking for a new movie to watch, I became frustrated with the slim cased DVDs – I can’t tell what the movie is unless I pull the whole thing out to reveal the front title. After repeating that process with over 20 titles, I was more annoyed than ready to be entertained. In a huff (it was a huff – a real aggravated “screw you, DVDs! I’ll show you!” type of vengeful huff), I talked J into reading out the titles of each movie while I typed them. I then printed the movie titles onto labels for the slim spine of each case, so tada! At a glance, we can see the titles of each case. One thing led to another, and before stumbling to bed, we realized that we had catalogued our entire movie collection – slimcase, DVD, & VHS. It was an adorable scene this morning as we imported all the data into the Ant Movie Catalogue software, which pulls details on each movie from IMDB, and went about examining the statistics of our collection. It’s odd.

  • 287 movies
  • 110 DVD, 113 VHS, 64 “Slim” DVD
  • Total Movie Length: 21 days, 20 hours, 3 minutes
  • Most Prolific Directors: Tony Scott (6), Richard Donner (6), Steven Spielberg (5), Rob Cohen (4), Ridley Scott (4), Michael Bay (4), Kevin Smith (4)
  • 26% released between 2000-2004, 6% prior to 1980
  • Only 5 movies rated above 9/10, 28 are rated under 5/10 (Simon Sez, a classic 2/10) (ratings from IMDB)
  • 24% Action, 16% Thriller, 11% Comedy. The rest assorted. Kinda like us.
  • 24 titles were duplicates, most due to existing in both VHS and DVD formats, but three titles were duplicate DVDs (Bad Boys II?!? We have TWO copies of Bad Boys II?

This is the 3.33rd item I’ve completed since I began the 101 things on Dec 13. Could my list of 101 things be this easy to accomplish? Would I have done this organization spontaneously if I didn’t have the 101 list in the back of my mind, cheering me on and championing the “get’er done!” mantra? Is having the list making me a more effective person who accomplishes stuff? Am I statistically more efficient simply because I wrote down 101 (+10) things to do? Or is it just a matter of coincidence?

I don’t know the answer to that chicken-egg question, but I do know that numbers, no matter how they work, are tricky business. Penn & Teller think so too.


5 thoughts on “icy lungs

  1. 2 copies of Bad Boys II?!?!?!?! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha!

    I am so taunting you about this…


  2. You know, if the 101 things are going too easily, I’d be more than happy to add some challenges.

    Should I spoil the ending to The Godfather (#33)?
    Or perhaps refuse to consider the spare room “welcoming” (#77)?
    Oh, wait a second:
    95. Accept all social invitations for a whole month, whether it’s something I want to do or not, unless I have another event at the same time.

    Really, that one just writes itself.

  3. #95 now terrifies me. But then again, I’m already taking a road trip to Yellowknife in July on your suggestion – maybe I should make July 2007 my #95 month now and just take the terror as it comes?

  4. Dude, you just out-geeked my husband. Aren’t you proud? He doesn’t have a database of his 500+ CDs…

    Oh! And speaking of knitting! (I know, you weren’t, but you did recently.) There’s a board… of knitting enthusiasts… with stories and encouragement and whining. And bitching. Just sayin’… http://knittyboard.com

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