i’m indian but i can’t speak hindi

I made butter chicken on the weekend for the first time ever, and it was really really good. I mean, I suddenly get why people go on about how wonderful butter chicken is. I also whipped up some delhi saag (from a CAN. You can get it in a CAN!), and relished it along with a spice-numbing brown rice while moaning in a somewhat erotic manner. I can’t stop thinking about that butter chicken. I’m obsessing about that creamy goodness that tantalizes my culinary g-spot.

You came all this way to hear me go on unintelligently about butter chicken. I know it’s disappointing, but I do have a point other than “butter chicken is gud!”

This culinary experience has led me to conclude, predictably, that I’m actually east Indian.

My mom says my newest conclusion is false, but I can’t hear her over top of the newest Bollywood streaming clips and Mohammed Rafi’s Jaan Pehechaan Ho:

(edit: I originally spelled culinary incorrectly in this post. I’m usually such a lousy cook, I can’t even spell the terms correctly. Fitting. Real fitting)


One thought on “i’m indian but i can’t speak hindi

  1. I lived upstairs from an Indian restaurant for two years in college.

    Someday, I hope to recover from this sufficiently to try EATING Indian food instead of smelling it and shuddering. Someday.

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