in which I return to ranting

As everyone should know, it’s all about me. Really. Just accept it.

So, when I show up to a party where you have known for weeks that I’m also going to be present, and we’re “friends”, could you tell me privately before the party that you’re pregnant rather than springing that detail on me in a public group? That’d be great, thanks.

And even more important, in case that request for decorum doesn’t really float your boat, for gawd’s sakes, it is not a better solution to announce your pregnancy to the group when you see I haven’t arrived yet. When you are that obviously pregnant, I am going to notice when I arrive, and having your awkward sad stare accompanied by a group silence actually does more damage. I do not enjoy a good shunning, thanks anyway.

If you’re aware of my pain, for the love of our friendship, have a little f’ing compassion.

Right then. Carry on.

(Stirrup Queens said something like this much better and with way more understanding.)


2 thoughts on “in which I return to ranting

  1. I think you said it quite well, actually. Sounds like the way the news was sprung was for the “friend’s” comfort, not yours.

    Twasn’t a good shunning, by the way, since you did nothing wrong.

  2. Oh, and I loved “a good shunning.” That line was spectacular.

    What about when they tell you during a meeting when you are sitting between two of the pregnant women making an annoucement. It was literally woman #1 announces pregnancy, Melissa annouces there is nothing up with her, woman #2 announces pregnancy, and Melissa excuses herself to go cry in the bathroom…

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