Fluffy Friday Findings:

I’m knitting with a yarn made from matter generated by llamas and worms. Together. In ONE YARN.

I like riddles. I like NotPr0n.

Inspired by Jessica Hagy’s indexed is a video by Clemens Kogler:

Non-Fluffy Thursday Findings:

I spent the evening weeping with a man who has lost his infant son.

He was across the hall, his grandfatherly presence leaning against the wall in his faded leather jacket. From small talk, he turned and looked into me. As he began to unwrap his baby’s story, the pain and love in his eyes triggered my own emotional drowning. Intensity. Suppressing the pain for years until the fear was rotting in his heart, he had needed to be led forward to learn to emerge from the dark pain, years after his loss. He moved forward and just hugged me, wordless. And I hugged him back. It’s not just a loss of a baby or a pregnancy – it’s the lost dreams for that baby, lost opportunity to parent and guide, a lost sibling to his children, loss of innocence for us.

Lost Love.

The history of his heart, the hurricane that near destroyed him as death visited his already trembling world. The strength he found, and the guidance he wished for me. It seems odd to say it, but it was a tremendously wonderful evening.


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