the machine is us/ing us

I really do hope I’m not becoming just another bloggy YouTube aggregator. However, I am quite taken with Michael Wesch’s take on Web 2.0 so here it is:


I do have more to update, especially with respect to more “101 things” accomplished, redefined, and advice needed.  But I have to go to the washroom then to class, so that’s taking priority right now.

Yes, I just shared that.


2 thoughts on “the machine is us/ing us

  1. I can’t watch this at work, but it’s obviously popular; I think this is the 3rd blog today I’ve seen it on. Not to make you feel unoriginal, merely to point out that I am clearly one of the last people on earth to see it. Ah, well.

    I’m tired. I don’t want to work anymore. I want to sit home and knit and eat chocolate.

    And then go to Paris.

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