v-day – until the violence stops

The Husband and I are so amazing we’re even hotter than this.

Happy Valentine’s Eve, peeps


I shoulda posted earlier (smack forehead) – V-Day:Reclaiming Peace 2007 is performing all over the world from Feb 1 to March 8. Colleges, community activists, four gals with a hankering for theatre, and other such volunteer groups produce a benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues to raise $$$ for local anti-violence organizations. According to their website, last year there were over 2700 V-Day benefit events around the world. I got to hang out with a group in Vancouver for a couple of years and it was powerful good stuff. Freaking cool, man. Are you going?


2 thoughts on “v-day – until the violence stops

  1. My mom and I saw the Vagina Monologues in Boston a few years ago… I haven’t gotten around to dragging my husband along, but he knows it’s in the cards.

    And while I like to consider myself a fairly progressive mom, I am not cool enough to bring my 6-year-old to a show just yet. Stupid repression anyway.

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