(wordpress glitched a bit in the last day or so, so this is publishing a bit later than intended)

I’m reading a challenged book during Freedom To Read Week.

Freedom To Read

I’d like to declare that I am reading the challenged books as a goal, however, in this case it’s completely accidental and I only figured it out after c3n0byt3 got me hip to the cause. I’m a bit proud that I actually have many of these books on our shelves, and they’re worn ragged due to the love they receive. Each is a lesson and opens a dialogue within, opens my mind to questioning.

I’m now reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and it was challenged because the novel “contains the word ‘nigger,’ might cause black students to be mocked because of racial stereotyping” (Challenged Books List). As I’m reading, I’m seeing a different message – the characters that are agist, racist, sexist come across as ignorant but also, in some ways, deserving of pity. The lessons of acceptance, community, as well as isolation and injustice are very real in the community – and over and over again, situations arise that on the surface appear to be cut and dried, only to be explored deeper by Lee and I find only more questions rather than able to declare right or wrong.

And I’m developing quite the crush on Atticus Finch.

I checked out the local V-Day campaign presentation of The Vagina Monologues last night – and they did a great job. The intense emotions and the quick switch between, as well as the honesty and humour, well, I really love the production. I feel faster, stronger, more awake. It’s available on DVD, so head on down to yer video store, k?

And if my vagina could talk, it would say “woot woot!” and wear a long black flowy gown, combat boots and lace socks.


4 thoughts on “BANNED

  1. “There’s something to offend everyone in my library.”

    Heh. Those were the shirts up on offer last night at my friendly neighbourhood library.

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