let the confetti fly

I walked into the bank, cut a cheque for the entire remaining amount of my bank student loan, and stood there until the teller reassured me, twice, that she’d closed the account. Her brow furrowed as I continued to stand there, staring, waiting for the flashing lights, a shiny suited host to appear with a large Certificate of Freedom, or at least a congratulations.

In my imagination, the confetti is flying.


13 thoughts on “let the confetti fly

  1. Oh, congratufreakinlations! I hope you explained your actions… the teller needs to know the etiquette for these situations, so that next time some soul is liberated she can react appropriately!

  2. Well, it sucks that the bank was not adequately prepared to celebrate, because you deserve it.

    Seems like there has to be a way to knit some confetti. Or at least a confetti bag.

  3. You should have brought your own confetti. However, I’m sure it would have earned you a not so flattering picture on the front page of the newspaper.


  4. When you come here in the summer, we will throw confetti for your release from the shackles of owership.

    What a great feeling that is. Bank tellers ought to be trained to at least emit a self-conscious “yawp”.

  5. I did ask the teller if there was some sort of bank procedure for celebrating such an accomplishment. She looked at me oddly, uncomfortably. After another bit of me grinning, her staring, the light bulb came on in her eyes. She smiled and said “good for you” then turned back to her PC, maybe figuring that ignoring the crazy gleaming lady would make her (me!) go away.

  6. Highfived, indeed. Noting your own experience, I’m totally gonna bring my own bag of confetti (maybe a bunch of balloons, too, just for kicks n giggles) and be darned if I’m not gonna skip with glee outta the bank, screaming “Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, I’m free at last!” With any luck at all, that’s gonna happen in about 4 years.

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