surreal geek

The window down the hall from my cubicle faces the neighboring building. That building is, at most, 10 feet away. The micro environment that this creates is making the fluffy cotton snow flow upwards. I’m in the opening credits of a surrealistic film.

I am reading Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth which is the collected dark diagramming of exquisite fantasies/reality of an intriguing socially-awkward man. Except he’s not socially awkward. But he is. I love the way that pages will pass with no dialogue. I love the icons. I love the freshness and the storytelling. I actually love that it’s not as pretty as Preacher or anything like Dave McKean – which isn’t ordinary for me since I did read my first non-Archie comic because of the artwork (Batman: Arkham Asylum – here’s a pdf sneak peek).  I love the symbolism in Jimmy, and the interconnected storylines. It’s really nothing like I’ve ever read before.  Thoughts of it has this upwards snow making sense.

I’m purcolating photos to share with you. Well, kinda. Mostly, I’m organizing my new fancy shiny external hard drive which also happens to have the photos I’d like to share here. The easy way would be to load the photos into photo editing software on my Windows PC. But noooooo… We here at the Gypsyhick Headquarters refuse this thing others call “uncomplicated”. I now have Fedora 7 test 2 (Linux) running on VMWare, and I’m organizing the environment so that I can import the photos into GIMP within the Fedora appliance. So then I can edit my poor photography skilled photos, and show you the most amazing knitting organizers of all time. Really. You’ll drool, even if you don’t knit. And our latest painting project, which had me really really high on oil-based paint on the weekend. Not as enticing as you’d think, actually…

And now I’m off to class – because there’s nothing better than a 15 hour work day and a commute in a blizzard! I wonder if I’ll be able to knit (while driving) in the traffic jam again?


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