introducing the sewing goddess

… my Mom!

With the newfound knitting craze, I’m collecting needles and other strange items at a pretty fast rate. I’ve been stuffing them loosely into my knitting bag, or worse, into the pile of yarn that’s taken up residence in a wicker basket – both methods make for lots of fishing around. So my Mom, of the Original Crafty Gypsyhicks, sewed up a two part solution:

1. The Travel Pack

My photography truly didn’t do this justice (and I didn’t have my gear packed into it yet to show scale). It’s the most beautiful fabric that’s substantial enough to hold things, but thin enough to roll up to a narrow tube. The top batik patterned part on the left is a circular needle holder, and the pack has so many various sized pockets for needles, doodads and knicknacks. And, my favorite part, when turned on its side so the left side is at the top, there’s a ZIPPER that hides a large internal pouch. I have my current patterns in that pouch now. It’s truly lovely, fashionable, fits in my knitting bag snug and sound, and makes the knitters on the block go “ooohhhh!”:

Traveling pack

2. Home Base Repository Pack

This is the humoungous central repository for All Things To Make Knit:


It’s about double the size of the Travel Pack, and it holds anything I could ever want it to hold that I’m not currently needing to travel with. Again, the fabric is so splendid which isn’t showing up at all – the inside is kinda felty so things don’t slide around, and the satin is irridescent. It has circular and straight needle holders, zippered pack for wee bits of things, a larger pocket for patterns, small pockets for cable needles and measuring tape… it’s absolutely perfect. It might actually get up and knit one of these days since that’s the only thing it hasn’t done yet.

Myself, I’ve got a thin scarf on the needles with Marks & Kattens Quick chunky wool, which really shows off the stitches. I’ve also got a plain garter scarf with weird bobbley yarn on the go for the new resident of our Sparer Oom, Mouse, who is taking public transit in winter – poor thing. I have cotton yarn for a dishcloth as well so I can do some increases/decreases and work my skillz. Will I emerge past the rectangular theme that has consumed me? Only time and courage will tell!

Geez, looking up, I should’ve gotten Boo* to come over and take photos of these packs to really show off The Mom’s Extreme Sewing Goodness. It’s actually not just the sewing that’s amazing – she designed both packs when found patterns didn’t live up to her multi-functional standards. And she did it while in the middle of a laminate-floor laying house renovation. All cheers for The Mom!

* Hey Boo! Next time yer in the neighborhood, wanna get these two to work the camera for you? (sing it with me “Girl.** better work it girl… wet your lips and make love to the camera. work, now turn to the right, work, sashay shante!”)

** Rupaul is way hotter than I remember. Wow.


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