eggplant – yum!

In my quest for culinary bravado, I’ve made meatloaf and eggplant parmesan for the first time this week. The meatloaf went over really well – sage is now alright by me. I didn’t realize it would taste good (does it generally just have a bad rep?) so I was pleasantly surprised. The eggplant, well, even the mention of eggplant, did not go as swimmingly:

I’ll take a wee taste

That’s The Husband taking the teeniest sampling possible that would pick up on his fork.

I guess new recipes doesn’t necessarily mean new additions to the regular rotation… It may just inspire The Husband to cook more, though.


3 thoughts on “eggplant – yum!

  1. TUO couldn’t believe the first time I had eggplant was at her parents place. What can I say? Eggplant isn’t high on the list of “things you eat when you grow up in a Ukrainian farm family”. I’m a big fan of it now tho’ – at least the way TUO cooks it! 🙂

  2. I tried a recipe last night called “honey pecan chicken”. Doesn’t that sound delightful? I think it would have been delightful in theory – But it was SO spicy we couldn’t really taste anything but burning. I think I even used less cayenne than they called for. I might try the recipe again, sans cayenne. I’ll wait a while though, to let our mouths recover from the shock…

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