The sky was pthalo blue tonight. I walked out of class, took in the amazing warmth of the blue above, and stared straight up at the sky as I sauntered towards the car. Others looked at me, looked up at the sky, looked at me again with puzzled brows, and looked up again.

A hand-drawn facsimile:

look waaaaay up

(hand drawn = with Gimp)


5 thoughts on “pthalo

  1. Yeah! I saw that too, the beautiful crescent moon, and the BRIGHT star below it. Is it Venus, do you suppose? I made a wish on it anyway. Really beautiful… Like a beauty mark in the sky or something. Ahaha…

  2. Yes I think, definitely, uh huh, that was Venus. Yeah, definitely Venus. offers up a very handy mailing list to notify you of such celestial events. Use the knowledge to convince savages that you control the skies!

    Yay for art! Yay for GIMP!

  3. Is it wrong to be in love with you? because I love words I haven’t heard as much as I love food I haven’t tasted, and you’ve given me pthalo blue which is beautifully new to me. AND, as if that weren’t enough, my stated favorite color (you can ask my husband) is “blue so dark it is almost black, blue like the sky the second before it becomes night.” I am not kidding, nor merely kissing your ass. pthalo blue. pthalo blue. pthalo blue.

    I’m glad you saw a lovely thing. Lovely things help.

  4. They were looking up at the sky and looking at you in confusion because they just don’t get it. And it’s lovely that you do šŸ™‚ I too just learned a new word tonight: pthalo.

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