show and tell

They’re sprouting!

this will be a daisy and it shall love the sun

These are the first daisies to come to the party. The oregano and tomatoes are showing signs of wee life as well but are still too small to show up on a photo without circling, highlighting and zooming in on the bits of green – you’d have to squint uncomfortably while I wait eagerly for you to agree that you see the exciting spots of yellowy green newness. I’ve already demanded that the Sparer Oom inhabitant, Noodle, give much wonder and nodding to the sprouting kitchen table. My thumbs remain green and I can’t wait to compare tomato seedlings with my dad – his front window is usually overflowing with plants by the time the garden is ready to accept them.

Maybe we should put some thought into a Family Business plan – I wonder if the government medicinal marijuana greenhouse contract is still up for bid?


2 thoughts on “show and tell

  1. Good for you.

    I’m on the opposite end of that particular spectrum. Plants fear me. I’m like a serial killer. I don’t WANT to be… but what can you do? My thumbs have no green.

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