my shoes don’t work after last call

Just a couple of notes before I crawl away into a hovel to deal with my splendid crapulence:

1. Walking downhill in heels after consuming massive quantities of beer is not a Good Idea. Beer causes shoes to no longer work in the way they were designed. It must be a dehydration thing.

2. The Husband sleeps with his eyes slightly open. I was staring at him this morning, telepathically urging his snoring to quiet as it was bringing my hungover brain to shrill peaks of flashing pain. Reflection of light bounced back from below his lashes, and on (much) closer inspection, I found his eyes to be slightly open. It also startled him and brought him defensively awake and asking what the hell I was doing, but it does solve the mystery of why his eyes are so sore lately. He’s sleeping with eyes open – I married a ninja.


5 thoughts on “my shoes don’t work after last call

  1. A ninja that snores. I wonder if that’s some kind of mind-trick to play on his enemies…

    I knew a guy who also slept with his eyes open. As in open-open. There were times I couldn’t tell if he was asleep or awake.

  2. I was pretty hungover this morning too… Not sure I was even fully alive until about one this afternoon. Sorry to hear you shared my fate… ‘Twas a fun night, though.

  3. Sigh.

    I’m looking at about a month before our trip to NY for my husband’s fraternity reunion weekend. I suspect I’ll be in the vicinity of a hangover that weekend – either my own or his. Gee, I can’t wait.

    The night before BETTER be fun enough to deserve it!

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