typity type type

I really like Kate. I will continue to like her even after she mercilessly tagged me with the question: “Why Do You Blog?”

Simple and complex: I’m a narcissistic, catharsis seeking, order loving recorder of history.

I’m really really narcissistic. I assume that you all wait, breathless, for the latest paragraphs on that I’m thinking. I make eye contact and know that everyone would love to hang out with me me me. I am so sure that you love my poor grammar, spelling mistakes, overly adjective-d descriptions and hyphenation madness. Face to face I also tend to be loud, attracted to making people laugh, but also more prone to involving myself in opinionated discussions about anything from toilet paper (spend the extra money for quality, people), the housing crisis (I have politically correct AND incorrect solutions), what actress would play me in the eventual movie about my life (I’m torn – any suggestions?) and why trying new things is a Good Practice. This blog is a small sample of that loudness. It is brief snapshots, short sentences on what I want to share when I arrive at this keyboard, sending off thoughts to my family and friends as a big Letter Home, keeping y’all in the loop and seeking advice.

The Internets have allowed me to broadcast myself to THE MASSES – the success of my plan for total and complete world domination is on the horizon!

I’ve written written written my confusion into organized rows since learning to use a keyboard in my dad’s high school typing class. As a teen, I dragged an old electric typewriter up to my attic room and just typity type typed until my head was clear. It was a catharsis then, and since I’ve started online, it’s had much the same effect. The words stream from my head to the keys, dusting the cobwebs from the far corners on their way out. I write, publish, then often read and change my mind completely about what I’ve sent into the universe – but I leave the original words up because it seems dishonest to take them back. These words are what I was thinking at that moment in time, regardless if I still agree or if the thoughts are even applicable anymore. I hope to return to these entries in the future, surely a slightly different person and be able to remember and revisit the person I was. Self time travel.

I’d forgotten about my love of typing ordered rows from chaotic thoughts. It’s much like the knitting I do now – turning chaotic collections of animal hairs and creating something meaningful and ordered by repeating patterns of rows.

I guess in the end, it’s about creating order from chaos. Order in cyberconnecting, communicating, clarifying my thoughts. I write to create order from the chaos that surrounds me and is me.

Don’t you?


6 thoughts on “typity type type

  1. I’m glad that you’ll still like me even after the trauma of being tagged.

    As for the actress to play you? Well, duh, Reese Whitherspoon.

  2. The responsibility of being tagged surprisingly weighed quite heavily on me.

    Reese is HOT just like me and Eddie Izzard… oh my good lord I’d be thrilled. My husband thinks Janeane Garofalo would be the perfect actress and since she’s on my “if I was a lesbian, I’d sleep with that celebrity” list, I’m ok with that.

    And what, no Angelina Jolie? Lookit these LIPS, people!

  3. I considered Angelina, but then thought that the roles I found her best suited for are the really intense, crazy ones (a la Girl, Interrupted). Hopefully that won’t become descriptive of your life…

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