I’m receiving lots of hits from search engines on the terms pregnancy loss calgary, ectopic pregnancy, and miscarriage calgary.

If you’re one of the people who ended up here from those words, I’m so very very sorry for your loss, your friend’s loss, your family member’s loss, or your coworker’s loss. It’s the worst intense badness that I’ve personally experienced. If you’re not the woman who was pregnant and now isn’t, please go check out grief support websites because, I can tell you, without help and support from you, this chaotic abyss is so much worse so lend a hand and keep checking up often on your friend, k? The worst thing you can do is avoid them – losing a pregnancy can be a very lonely experience.

I’m going to list local resources because I had a hell of a time finding support in the community when I searched online. I hope this helps you out:

bullet.gif Go to the Foothills or Rockyview hospital emergency rooms (I know for sure that both of them have the packages but I’m unsure of others so call). Ask for the Pregnancy Loss package – it’s minty green and is filled with extremely valuable information about support groups, an informational booklet, brochures about programs in the area including yearly pregnancy loss cremation ceremony, trees planted in memory by the city, and counseling options. The package is usually in the gynecological rooms in the ER and sometimes the nurse at triage or answering the phone isn’t aware of it, so ask them to check.

bullet.gif Call the Calgary Health Region Pregnancy and Infant Loss Program. They have years of experience, and it really is like you’re receiving channeled information and validation from generations of women and support people who have gone through similar issues. They ROCK – without them, I’d be even more nuts. (403) 943-0615

bullet.gif Caring Beyond Bereavement Services (403) 294-1131 “Joined Together in Grief and Healing” is a group offering peer support to parents who have suffered a pregnancy loss due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, or early infant death. They have a borrowing library as well and meet monthly. They’re volunteer based and the phone number is voice-mail and someone will call you back. It often has upcoming announcements and events on their voice-mail.

bullet.gif I’ve read many books that really helped me. Most have sections for friends and family as well, and cover everything from health concerns to emotional considerations for men and women.

If you want more info, leave a comment – it emails me and I can respond with whatever info I have. I’m an information whore so hopefully I can, at the very least, direct you to where you can get what you need. Unless you need peace after a loss – I’m working on that one myself and haven’t found the magic pill or wand.


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  1. Your rock, Gypsyhick. How awesome of you to post all this great info when you noticed how someone found your blog. May karma return your loving kindness one thousand fold.

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