latex doll

A story from The Husband:

“I’d been waiting weeks on end for this life size replica worm alien from the movie Men In Black. The doorbell finally rings and I answer the door to be confronted with a female postal worker who is giving me a look of such disdain and disgust. She very gruffly said “Are you The Husband?”. I answered “Oooh yes! Finally, my package is here!”. I was excited, and she forcefully thrusts the box into my arms and snidely asks me to sign the clipboard. I cheerfully sign my name and thank her, but she’s already turned her back and is marching away. I look down to see this shipping receipt attached to the box:


I gasped and yelled towards the deliver truck ‘IT’S AN ALIEN!’ but she was already in the truck and may have heard me, but at this point, I decided to just let it go and went back inside to unpack my latex doll.”

It’s never boring here in the Gypsyhick Emporium. Here is The Husband’s adored alien, relaxing and smelling the flowers before going to live above our, of course, coffee station:



3 thoughts on “latex doll

  1. The best part? Knowing that any company which sells /those/ sorts of dolls probably ships them as “sleeping aids” or “therapeutic support” or “novelty toy”.

    Which means, of course, that your postal worker has probably delivered a hundred of them unknowingly, all with a perky smile and pleasant demeanor.

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