bragging about the bald ones

I’m the only human in the Gypsyhick Emporium with hair.

The Husband

I wonder what my hair will look like on a little girl?

Miss Noodle, Resident of the Spare’r Oom

After the hair has fallen

My newly red hair blows across my face while I walk between the two stubble-headed philanthropists. They have matching black down on their noggins, soft and alluring to run under fingers. The Husband shaved his head to send his long unaltered tresses to Angel Hair, an organization that collects human hair for wigs for children undergoing baldness-creating illnesses. Noodle shaved her head to raise money and support a breast cancer fundraiser – chicks shaving heads brings in loads of money for research! My only contribution is that I got to cheer them on AND be the Shaver Of Heads in both cases.

I’m so proud of them.

Shortly after they were shaved, it blizzarded in Calgary and both were left scrambling for toques and scarves to keep them warm. It was then that I was even more proud to walk with them as they pull off their hats when we came in from the snow and people looked quizzically in our direction. I embarrass them, openly telling strangers and cashiers how wonderful they are to use that hair for good.

What they looked like before their respective shavings

The Husband showing off, one last time, the 14 inches of healthy hair that’s been grown for just this purpose. Some child will sport some of this beautiful hair someday. It takes up to 10 donations to make one wig for a child .

I'm a hairy hairy man


Noodle (left) colored her light highlights bright pink for the shave. It’s not very clear in the photo, but it was symbolic as so many pink hairs hit the floor. People stopped and applauded as her hair fell.

Noodle & Me

Voodoo The WonderMutt still has her hair mostly, although her belly was shaved from being fix’d. And since the rest of us have photos in this post, I’ll give her a shout-out too:



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