I haven’t been on the interweb much in the past couple of weeks. Weird, that. I’m still here, just… hermitting.

In lieu of a meaningful or revealing post, I submit several somewhat limerick formatted things:

There once was a girl from Outlook
Who shimmied and danced and shook
Until one dark night
Her left foot went right
And now she’s become jammed in the nook.

I hope the nook has a beer fridge within reach, or else she’s going to have to bribe her husband to help her shimmy herself out!

Summer is coming so quick
The cold, it is making me sick.
The lawn chairs are out
So don’t you pout.
Blender drinks we shall soon sip.

Ah, how I love a lawn chair, good company, and daquiris.

We have a wee dog named Voodoo
She’s from N’Orleans deep in the Lou
When I’m working I misses
Her sweet doggy kisses
But I don’t miss picking up her poo

Responsible dog owners pick up the poo. Even if it’s really truly yucky. Suddenly what we feed her is much more important because, well, I’m going to have to get up close and personal with it on the way out.


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