The thunder and lighting early this week had The Husband sitting outside under the protection of the porch roof, wrapped in a blanket, concentrating on the sky. It’s something we missed when living in B.C. – there was always rain, rain, rain, but never a show to go with it.

On our wedding day in Saskatchewan almost eight years ago, the intense heat during the day gave way to a violent sheet lighting storm that awed our guests. The intense flashes of light, the colors revealed when the sky cracked open, the ground shaking thunder was one of the best shows nature has to offer. Friends and family joked that our joining had angered the gods.

And now we’re back on the prairies where the forecast of rain means our eyes turn to the sky. While the northern part of the city flash flooded, downpour so heavy that cars came to a halt, we watched the heavens, waiting.


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