We’re back from a sudden and whirlwind trip to The Husband’s Hometown. I lived there for seven years, and that’s where I met him, got edumacated, and in the end, met myself.

I fell in love with a mini-lop bunny. I realized how much I dearly love my friends until my heart almost hurts from being so full. The Husband started reminiscing about buying a house there “just in case”. We hugged good people. We drank far too much whiskey. My ass got slapped so many times, I may have a permanent hand imprinted on my cheek. We slept late, lazed about, laughed much, cried some, wandered the streets of a city we used to think was so very large.



– dancing on the pool tables at our watering hole until the sun came up?

– those old heritage houses, yards full of old elms, that I loved so much, beaten and battered and in dire need of TLC? Now we can afford one!

– the big lush courtyard in the townhouse complex we lived in? It’s really much smaller and more barren than we realized at the time.

– walking to the store when Viper Pilot and Cenobyte’s eyes flashed just before he jumped into the shopping cart, Cenobyte pushing him as fast as she could directly into the curb? Remember how Viper Pilot *can’t* fly?

– the laughter?

– playing cards all night long, The Husband and I not yet dating but hurling insults at each other that only sexual tension can inspire?

– my brother, in town for a stag, trying to walk to our house but walking in the opposite direction? Remember trying to coax him to give more details other than his triumphant “I’m at the 7-11 payphone!” when trying to figure out where the hell his drunken feet had taken him?

– the living skies, the ozone scented rain, the clean air?

– the tequila shots before gaming with the beloved Gregor, Frankie, and Tatiana?

– when I first met The Husband, and my bf at the time (The Husband’s good friend) tried to convince me that The Husband had buried ex-gf bodies near the airport? Remember how The Husband played along? Remember how they still laugh about it 11 years later?

– coincidences of people we knew who knew other people we knew and together we’d sit in our back yard near the bbq and compare stories?

Remember the love?


2 thoughts on “home

  1. While I wasn’t there for everything (most things?) listed above, I will never forget the love. Or the shakings. Or the poor desserts, so prone to sudden accidents of gravity.

    Thanks for memories. Then, and again just now.

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