first sock mojo

So exciting, she's clear passed out...

Voodoo The UberMutt is so excited about my first sock project, she’s passed out.

They’re STRIPED. By THEMSELVES. (the SOCKS, not the DOG)

I’m nearly out of control with the sheer joy of knitting stripey socks. It not only keeps me off the streets, but my feet will be warm if I ever get the second one done. It’s Lana Grossa Meilenweit colortweed on 2.5 mm bamboo needles. It’s like knitting with toothpicks – another surreal addition to the giggly glee of knitting socks.

And the magically appearing stripes and the many needles? Both are highly impressive to the non-knitters when we lunch, sit in waiting rooms, and other such places where knitting socks eases my mind from frustration of waiting. And y’all should know that I just love to leave an impression!

Now, will that second sock ever be done? Only time and my ever growing urge to return to the pottery wheel and play in the mud all summer long will tell. I’m afraid my knit will suffer for my pots will suffer for my charcoal will suffer for my patio-dwelling will suffer for the dog park will suffer for the knit. At least I have a loooong drive to Yellowknife in mid-July to knit. And needle-stab my road-mates. And knit some more. Mental note: pack band-aids.

Should be a crafty summer – what are you working on?


2 thoughts on “first sock mojo

  1. Hooray for socks! I just finished a pair that I despise, but it’s because I was working without a pattern and the top bind-off was just too tight, so I overcorrected and now it flares. Argh.

    But I’m accepting imperfection – my dad seems to like them, and they’re his – and moving on. Working on two sweaters at home, and a pair of socks travels with me…

  2. I’m making a sweater for my husband for our anniversary; a very simple cable ribbed thingummy, knit in the round from the bottom up. I have about three projects planned for newly arrived humans, as well. But I have resigned myself to finishing one project before I start another.

    The sweater is green.

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