still north bound

Google, that great knowledge-pointer of good, informed me that there are 1,791 kilometers (1113 miles) between Calgary, Alberta and Yellowknife, North West Territories.

1,791 km.

Until tomorrow, 1,725 km is the furthest I’ve traveled in a car on one vacation (Vancouver, BC to Regina, SK) so not only will I be seeing the Great North for the first time, daylight nearly all 24 hours of each day, and the deepest lake in North America, I will have set a personal car-distance record! This trip is really adding up to something special. Maybe short-bus helmet-wearing special, but special all the same.

Traveling 1791 km leaves a large amount of time for poking, aggravating, knitting and music listenin’ time. I have travel mates that sound like the start of a joke: a canoeing chemist, sarcastic novelist, irish dancer, limping pharmacist and jewish programmer walk into a bar… How can it POSSIBLY be wrong? We’re missing The Man from Cineplex O-deon and the screaming Italian lawyer and I’m greatly disappointed – I had been looking forward to watching Odeon pull the intoxicated lawyer away from explaining his civil rights to members of the northern RCMP detachment.  I don’t want to know what it’s like to spend a night in a small cold cell in the territories personally, but I’d have loved to hear the tale from him.

The trip should be full of merriment and backseat wrestling and general bemoaning for the sake of moaning.At least one CD and a harmonica are going to be leaving the car at high speeds, that I can guarantee. And while waiting for my request to wire bail money north, entertain yourself here and here. You don’t need to sleep for the next week, really you don’t – I won’t be, with all the aggravatin’ and knittin’ and musical listenin’…


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