summer crepes

This summer has felt… different. It could be that I now have only 84 things still on my list and accomplishing a Big One has inspired me to squeeze the life out of every day. It could be the amazing weather we’ve had, being so warm that we moved into the basement for a week. It could be that we have The Dog and make time to roam the city to show her off and show her the world. It could be that we have closer friends in the area than we did last year at this time which makes this season so much more fun. It could be our backyard that is just big enough for a BBQ and table to sit around, laughing until the sun goes down instead of a dark apartment where the blinds were always closed so as to not draw attention from the crackhouses across the road. It could be that I hate this city less than I did last year even if it’s not been the best of years for us.

There are very few weekends in a Calgary summer and we’re trying to have purpose. Well, I’M trying to have purpose – The Husband would probably rather defeat evil and live in the basement, but I want to go OUT. We, with some cajoling by me, or with friends, camp together, hang at the park, tour the farmers’ markets, take a break from the heat to catch a movie, read side by side, or defeat evil online. It helps that our television hath recently gone the way of the paperweight and we really haven’t made any plans to replace it. We have a small somewhat flakey television that’s working most of the time so we can watch some movies and catch the news or (cough cough) Bi,g Brother (cough)(cough).

This morning I woke up to The Husband grinding coffee and Diamond on his way out the door after spending another friday in the basement after a long night of video football. After I was awake a full hour or so later (because me first thing is NOT GOOD), I did up some crepes – the Iron Chef Camp competition in Yellowknife used secret oh have mercyingredient: Bisquick and I gave crepes a go for the first time in my life (they’re just thin pancakes, right? Like, how hard could it be?) and to my huge culinary-deficient surprise, I could make people moan with joy just with these thin pancakey things. This morning I wanted to share the surprise with The Husband. But while filling them with ricotta and steaming berries, I was thinking about slam poets TOFU (Tons Of Fun University) and how they won’t be in Regina for the Folk Fest and I won’t have the opportunity to serve them up crepes and Twinkle Toes won’t be making them rack of lamb because we just wanted to invite to feed them physically in return for their feeding us mentally and that’s just not going to happen as we’d hoped. I found out today that they’re currently in Calgary for the Folk Fest, and I wish I’d invited them for breakfast weeks ago because I think they would be funny and polite and I think they would love my very pretty crepes.


2 thoughts on “summer crepes

  1. Ugh, “B,ig Brother”? Weak. I spend most of my time ignoring Farmer and Ju’s X discuss So You Think You Can Dance, and now this. According to them, I’m a Philistine because I don’t appreciate the artistry of dance. I liked it better when we would discuss suffering (both our own and that of others).

    Here I am butter tart-less, and you’re making crepes. Thanks.

  2. Mmm… crepes….

    You play CoH/CoV? If you’re interested, send me a message with your global name and perhaps we can fight evil online together! 🙂

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