a brief note before I wrangle wild dogs

Cuddly BFF

Dazy’s humans are on vacation in a place where she couldn’t fly to and she’s hanging with us and Voodoo for a long sleepover party. These dogs love each other madly. They are inseparable and photos of their cuddling antics warms the hearts of many. “Aw – such sweet pups!” the masses say while stroking the photos and murmuring about angelic dogs. They are cute. As cute as they are mischievious. They are telephathic, looking to each other for reassurance when they are about to disobey – checking in to see if they’re both ready to serve the time if they do make a run for that squirrel against their yelling owners’ wishes. One will create a diversion while the other digs. They love to play, wrestle, chase and cuddle each other. They are entertaining when they pay attention to us and do their puppy things, licking our ears to make us laugh, rolling on their backs and doing a dog version of purring. Together, they are smarter than most humans. The Husband and his fan clubTogether, they are capable of ten times the trouble (I’m still struggling with the math – 1+1 = 10x? HOW??)

Together, they are currently plotting a takeover of our household.

I can’t blame them – if I was cute and furry (rather than cute and hairy), I’d want to rule this house too. If I wanted to eat rocks and de-pot plants and dig up the lawn but had two taller people yellin’ at me to stoppit, well, I’d want to push back a bit. The Husband and I are in full time supervising mode as they try to execute grand plans to eat, dig, and move things they shouldn’t, bat their adorable heart melting eyelashes at us and then take off to find more trouble. They sense when we’re tied up on the internet or even busy with a quick visit to the laundry room and those times… those times are their excited rock-eating, flower pulling, wrestling in the living room mayhem. So we’re cutting down our activities until we can teach these two some boundaries while we fight for our place as the Humans That Rule. My suspicions are that you’ll not see much of us for the remaining dog-sitting days. I’m sending this note from the wireless laptop in the backyard between hollering at the girls to stop barking at the little dogs that pass along the fence and in the next moment, fishing odd bits from their jowels. It’s taking me forever to send this to the internets…

I must admit that every night it’s all worth it when they cuddle around us, golden and brindle fur and warm breath on our toes.

But mostly, they’re still a two dog wreckin’ crew that’s keeping us on our toes.

Dog fight!

Aren’t they just the most adorable raging dogfighting pups you ever did see?


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