Not Dog

To prove this is not becoming a DOG BLOG, I will make some comments about things non-canine:

1. It finally occurred to me that people paint their toenails, not to be pretentious, but to hide the dirt that lingers under the nails.  I regularly trudge through muddy filthy fun places and I can’t get figure out how to get all of the grime off the side of my toenails. This painting-camoflage realization has led to more foot confidence as my feet are appearing to be quite pretty. Just don’t look under the nails.

2.  Whatever is living in my sinuses is gross and disgusting and really throwing me off my game. My game being wandering about, drinking coffee and blustering about nifty things while pining for a beer and City of Heroes with The Husband. Instead of those actions, I now shuffle around the office (I *did* take two days off of work but my boss became upset and here I am in the office, spreading disease), eyes half closed, head full of phlegm while I moan and wail. Sadly, this coincides with a new crop of fresh talent being hired and placed next to me in the office. They look at me with fear and… is that pity? Or dread? Or horror? Anywho, they are avoiding me. Tomorrow I shall demand that they cater to my woeful self, and they’d better start bringing me hot tea with lemon or I shall lick their keyboards.

3. I’m going to see my MOM on Friday! We’re gonna be festive at the Regina Folk Fest! And all that family time is even more groovy because it will occur mear hours after happily spending some time with my SIL and Bro and their adorable sprogs this week as they visit Calgary. Did I mention how adorable the sprogs are? They’re amazing. And smart. And wicked funny. Yes, their parents are quite nice to hang out with and look at, but I do continue to maintain that the niece & nephew’s Adorable Factor is directly genetically related to their paternal aunt. Which is me. Just because their blue eyes might be a key to their amazingness and mine happen to be brown holds no ground in this discussion. Me cute = them cute. Totally genetically proven or something. I’ll find a link to some scientific study, I will.

Rock on, internets.


2 thoughts on “Not Dog

  1. What’s wrong with it becoming a DOG BLOG? I, for one, can’t get enough of the tales of VD’s trials and tribulations. You should try reading a book about dogs, I think that I have one or two haning around here…

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