impending hope

I’m currently visiting the prairies, right this very second at my hostess’ home checking in on The Dog who willingly crated herself this morning. She’s finding the five household cats quite difficult – she’s trying to be friends and it ended this morning with a Feline Circle of Hiss cornering her in the kitchen that scared her so bad, she peed. Yep, it’s been that kinda day for her. While she was cowering in her crate for the morning hours, pondering the Feline Occupation, I’ve been running errands for a Big Wedding. The last few days before the wedding is always hectic if you’re in it and I’m hoping to take some of the stress off by ending a hand, or at the very least, ready with a syringe of valium. 

Other than the stress that is The Dog’s life currently, it’s all going smoothly. It’s exciting to have two wonderful people ready to stand before friends and family to say “yeah, I love this person and we’re gonna be together for the rest of our days”.  The Husband and I also included in our ceremony a little bit concerning our plans for world domination, but we always like to stray from the traditional.

So that’s my note for the week. I’ve been packing to come here, driving here, whipping about all over the city, and will even be stopping by My Hometown to see The Parental Units when the wedding celebration has concluded. I love a vacation that includes travellin’.  

Oh, and I’m knitting socks with this Regia Canadian Color sock yarn when not running around or driving places. The yarn is way brighter than the photo. I may go blind so I’m trying to keep the knitting minimal so I can at least have enough eye power to drive home.

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “impending hope

  1. I’ve always wondered what the Regia people were smoking when they chose colours for that yarn line… that palette says “Tahiti” or “Bangalore” to me, *not* “Manitoba.” The “Winnipeg” and *maybe* the “Alberta” are the only ones that work for me.

    Yay socks!

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