salting the earth



is my personal saviour.

I have a little problem with beastly things that lack appendages. If it ain’t got armpits, I’m not interested in sharing space, air, or a glance back and forth (house mice are an exception. I hate them too even with their little quick-moving appendages). While the lesser offenders are earth worms and escargot, the greatest of all evil is the slug. It leaves a slick trail of goo as it travels through my garden destroying all it can get it’s slimy eyeballs on. It serves no purpose that I know of other than to glisten in the night sky and give me the serious heebie jeebies.

In Vancouver, giant banana slugs as well as teensy black inch long slugs invaded my yard and I set slug traps in our ongoing war. The Husband had to check the traps because even being a foot away from dead slugs had me jumping from foot to foot and gagging, but still, I fought the… things daily. I kept a large bag of salt next to the door and my mother in law would watch, considerably worried, when I danced throughout the yard, yelling at the ground and sprawling salt with violent obsession. She, like many, thought that I loved all creatures, big and small, and that I believed we should all hold hands and sing kumbaya around a campfire. Hell, the little slimy buggers even like beer – and ya know how I like beer so you’d think we’d be compatible.

But no. No appendages, thus no love. I hadn’t seen a slug since we came to Cowtown. Until tonight. In my backyard. By the dozens.

I’ve salted the earth in the darkness while The Dog watched curiously. If nothing grows back, I’ll be content as long as the slugs have been successfully murdered, turned to mush, and unable to multiply.

Thanks for the peace of mind, Sifto.


7 thoughts on “salting the earth

  1. There’s slug traps?! Jeezus, that’s disgusting. We get the little bastards that I use some plant store sawdust-y crap on, but traps? I am so NOT going to google banana slugs.

  2. Man, banana slugs make me do the 7-year-old-girl-squeal-and-dance. They’re… well, just plain WRONG. (shudder) I went out this morning to check the carnage of the salted deck and area and the little brown ones are easier to take, that’s for sure. The only good thing about the banana slugs is their size, so it’s way easier to ensure I’m not stepping on them accidentally. Can’t miss them…. It was VERY nice that the dog *didn’t* seem interested in the dead little ones this morning. If she’d ate a dead slug, we’d be off-limits on cuddling for days. Gah icky.

    The Husband made some slug traps based on the ones we’d picked up in the store because, if he wasn’t home, I’d just grab the traps with tongs and throw them out rather than clean them and re-set them. It was getting a tad expensive so he made some up that I could dispose of should he leave me at the mercy of these slimy things.

    I’m setting more tonight. The gauntlet has been thrown. They shall not encroach on my kingdom!

  3. My disappointment that VDoo did not eat dead slugs has killed me a little bit. I kept waiting for the part where you looked out the window to see her sniffing along the yard eating the remains. Let her know that she has broken my heart for the last time.
    How does one trap a slug? Also: why? Is there no way to lay an insluated “moat” of salt around the garden? Wait, I’ll get Diamond and we’ll be right over. We’ll need a small shovel, salt, and a first aid kit. See you soon.


  4. We went to Muir Woods (giant redwood forest north of San Francisco) about a year back. If you want to see banana slugs, those suckers are about as long as my foot! Yick.

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