things i’m afraid of

As inspired by the lovely and talented schmutzie:

Things I’m Afraid of In No Specific Order:

  1. Mold
  2. Slugs
  3. the Crohn’s Disease that’s taken up residence in my gut
  4. Our art room
  5. Snakes
  6. Losing more babies
  7. Meaninglessness
  8. Mirrors at night
  9. Regrets
  10. Losing The Husband
  11. Escalators
  12. George W. Bush
  13. Finding dead bodies on nature walks
  14. Betrayal
  15. High speed car accidents
  16. Fear
  17. Falling to addiction
  18. Fast moving mice
  19. Dying
  20. The All Blacks Rugby Team and their intimidatory dancing (The Husband mightily agrees after this afternoon’s match. Wowsahs.)

How about you?


8 thoughts on “things i’m afraid of

  1. Mercy me, you really shouldn’t show that All Blacks video to a fellow starting a curling team. You’ll give him The Thoughts.

    Ever seen Whale Rider? There’s a scene where a village elder teaches a group of young boys how to do that dance. The movie goes from sweet to intimidating in the space of a second, then back to sweet once it’s done.

  2. OK, so, when I was in grad school, we had a student visit from New Zealand for a couple of weeks (our lab and the HCI lab at a New Zealand university had a connection because the director of our lab did his post doc there). This guy was a really nice fellow, very smart, with a typical computer science physique (short-ish, basically non-athletic).

    One night at a party he mentioned that he knew how to do the haka, since he had played a bit of rugby in highschool and it’s not just the All Blacks that do the dance before games. So of course, we all asked him to show us. He tried to demur (“Oh no, it’s been too long, I’m rather tired and drunk, there’s not enough room…”) but we twisted his arm, so we moved some furniture and sat back to watch.


    He went from being a friendly little geeky guy into a terrifying demon. Within thirty seconds all of us watching had our backs pressed up against the wall, almost unconsciously trying to burrow away from him. It was incredibly intimidating, and that was with one regular guy that we knew. I can’t even imagine the in-person effect of a line of large strange men doing it. I’d run away very fast.

    So I don’t blame you for having that on your list.

  3. I know I’m a little behind on this, but in no particular order…

    Snakes (and to a lesser extent, spiders)

    Yup, yup.

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