One year ago we were celebrating a Very Good Thing when suddenly a Very Bad Thing happened. By 10pm tonight a year ago, I was in the recovery room trying to figure out what had gone so terribly wrong.

A Very GOOD Thing

We miss you, Amazing Tectonic Baby.


5 thoughts on “anniversary

  1. The anniversaries, in my experience, do get easier. With time, they fade into more of a general blah around a certain time of year, rather than an acute misery on a given day. I’m not sure which way is better.

  2. This year, the anniversary (actually the 4th anniversary) of my miscarriage was terrible – for some reason this year hit me really hard… I feel your pain… I am sorry for your pain… I had a glass of wine, some ice cream and went to bed early… the next day was sunny and I found little pockets of happiness in the day – my mood improved, and I went on. It was almost like I needed to grieve again, so I did – just with wine and ice cream… I hope you find peace and joy.

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