a day off

I’m off today. A whole long day with no work and the house to myself and nothing urgent to take care of.

Ah, yeah.

So far, I’ve sworn I will do no menial things that will turn this into a “work day”. Today shall be a day OFF. I shall enjoy it. I will knit mittens or cunning hats. I will shop for new work clothes including jeans that make this ass look as amazing as it should. I hope to mail a very late birthday present. I could bead my name onto my new pottery apron to personalize it and so that, just maybe, my new instructor will stop calling me “Jane”. I will take a leisurely walk at the dog park with The Dog. I may have a long hot shower. I will enjoy this coffee while surfing the internet and enjoying the sun streaming into the living room.

Then I noticed the husband’s dirty socks in the corner of the living room. Since I was heading into the basement anyway, I grabbed them and took them with me to the laundry room. While I was grabbing some clean clothing in the laundry room I noticed some of the recycling was falling out of the storage closet so I went in and just… straightened up a bit. When I came back upstairs to feed the dog and repour a new cup of coffee since my original was a bit chilly, the lack of spoons had me noting that the dishwasher was full of sparkly clean dishes. Since I was in there anyway, I just grabbed the contents and put it away and then, to get the job completed, I filled it back up, wondering who the heck is using so many cookie sheets and piling them on top of the stove? Who does that? And are there cookies somewhere that I should be aware of. Finally, a cup of hot coffee again poured and as I made my way into the living room to check my email, the overwhelming filth of the carpet tried to trip me on my way to the couch. So I just did a quick vacuum while noting that the Coffee Table of Cluttery Doom had really become far too doomy and empty water bottles were actually overflowing onto the floor I was trying to just quickly neaten. So I just grabbed them quickly and went to the recycle closet where I discovered that SOMEONE has been just throwing their poptart boxes on top of the bins rather than putting them into the correct one. While taking care of that AND pondering how someone in this house is eating poptarts (and cookies – where are the cookies that are the result of all the dirty cookie sheets?!?) without sharing their breakfast candy with me, the can bin mentioned it was a bit full and could probably use a bagging and storing. After I told the can bin that I was busy enjoying my day off, but sure, just this once, I returned with the bagged cans to the earlier-straightened recycling storage, delighted in how lovely it looked. With a smile, I returned to the kitchen to notice that two hours have passed and I still haven’t had a whole cup of coffee.

The whole time, the dog watched me and went about her normal morning business: sitting on the back of the loveseat, gazing out the window, monitoring the neighborhood.

Nosey Neighbor

(NOte: I did have that long hot shower after scrubbing those rings off the side of the tub and doing just a bit of an attempt to get the scum from between the tiles. And we did get to the park and walked twice as far as usual, chatting with nice people and rubbing lots of friendly fur. Now, to resist the giant pile of stuff in the living room we refer to as “The Yarn Pile”…)


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