my pots bring all the boys to the yard

The first batch of test glazes emerged from the kiln Saturday morning. Can I get a “HELL YA!”?


This is a triple glaze test on a “I was practicing pointed bowls” bowl. I wanted to see what each glaze did on top of the next and for the first time in history, it looks like I got a great result on purpose:

five pointed witchy bowl

There were other nice pieces, but I salivate when I hold this mug. As much as I hate the handle, I love this mug. The whole thing was meant for practice glazing (to check how the glaze combination broke over the handle and rim, how much it would run) so I didn’t put the effort in that I would for a “real” mug. I wish I’d put in the time, especially since it came out so freaking lovely. This glaze test is a resounding success:


Oh so much in love

Oh, how I love when the chemical magic in that giant brick oven goes right. I mean, I did have to trash a nasty ass bowl that had absolutely no redeeming qualities but if I get these type of results in exchange for one in the trash, I can live with that. It’ll get expensive, but I can live with that if I get such SEXY POTS!

Guess what colors are going on my next few batches of pottery, kittens?


3 thoughts on “my pots bring all the boys to the yard

  1. Very cool. I have one pathetic lopsided monkey, somewhere, from my sister’s 11th birthday party, and that is the extent of my pottery experience. Maybe someday I’ll try again…

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