toothpaste stained and covered in snow

I have a toothpaste stain on my shirt today.

I was brushing my teeth at a truly nasty pre-dawn hour when I caught sight of The Outside World. It was snow. Lots of snow, “falling” horizontally. I swore, spewing toothpaste everywhere. I had things to do and places to be – and snow, especially new snow, throws a real wrench into any commute in this gawd-forsaken transport-disabled city. I threw aside the toothbrush, grabbed the dog, purse and keys and ran out the door to try to work our way to the doggie daycare (don’t judge me) then to my training course at the furthest north hospital in the city. I live in the far southeast and the hospital is normally 25 min away but today – well, here I am an hour and 20 minutes later, finally seated (very late) in class.

Oh – did I mention I scored a new job? Yessiree, I’ve left the world of credit unions and banking and ATMs. That month of holding my breath and staying offline really highlighted that I didn’t like my job very much. The company I was working for had geared down consulting work within my specialty and I was just being shoved into areas that I wasn’t interested in pursuing. So after some pondering and searching and after The Husband confirmed that as much as he jokes, he does not want a stay at home wife, I’ve jumped over to the emerging world of health care software, paperless hospitals and coordinated services. It’s interesting. Intriguing. Rewarding. And makes me feel like I’m doing something phenomenally good with my work. It’s been a month on the job as of today, and I quite enjoy it when I don’t have to cross the city in a blizzard to attend a training course. And when I’m not gasping for breath – note that I started this job on day TWO of the Bad Bad Sickness. The Sick lasted until last week. I was VERY popular – being sick while working in health care is only what I can imagine it is like for a vegetarian brigade dealing with their one meat-eating jerk that keeps showing up for meetings.

Health care, even in an office environment, is not for the faint of heart. I have a strong stomach and an interest in medical procedures and even I have now had lunch conversations that made me think twice about finishing the butter chicken. Fecal vomiting. Poop transplants. And I’ve already had to look up “vaginectomy” just hoping that it really wasn’t what I thought it was. 

And that was all in my first week.

I now have WebMD on “speed search”, haven’t obsessed about credit card security and haven’t even used an ATM since I left my previous job. I am now terrified of germs and have antibacterial hand spray within easy reach at all times. It’s a strange new world.


One thought on “toothpaste stained and covered in snow

  1. Welcome to the fabulous and super-sane world of health care… it’s a blast.

    Though, true, as crazy as the coworkers might be, it does feel useful and productive. Imagine that.

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