I’m going to show you a disturbing photo. You should sit down before viewing this horrifying image:

Pair of Degus photographed by JSx

Terrifying, isn’t it? (shudder)

I was standing at the SPCA with cell phone to ear, looking through the glass into one of the Bunny Rooms and there this little creature sat, whispering violent threats in my direction. Or maybe he was just scratching his face. Whatever it was, my stomach was tingling.

My very persuasive friend was trying to talk me through finding appealing characteristics within these rodents. I can usually find the silver lining, and he can talk me into damn near anything, so this seemed like a promising exercise that would surely result in a love affair with all forms of rodentia that would last a lifetime. I was picturing a D-isney scene, singing bunnies and flowers as we frolicked about in dance. My friend, with his girlfriends calming voice in the background, kept telling me that these “degus” (if that is in fact their real name) are furry and happy, always a bunnies’ best friend and a harmless tropical squirrel. I studied them and tried to see that “squirrel” part – I like squirrels. I used to feed them and visit them and laugh at their antics in the park. But alas, I couldn’t see past the scuttling movements of a giant mouse-creature, long tail, urge to kill humans apparent on its face. If you crossed a mouse with a rat, you’d get this… thing.  I stood there for a very very long time trying to find something appealing, something that would make me eager to handle these furry prospective pets. It still made me feel anxious as I watched them dash around the little room.

The persuasive friend and his gf (the Amazing Dark Lightning) have a minilop that I can’t get enough of but sadly they live Far Away. In order to satisfy my Bunny Mania between visits to their home, I thought to volunteer as a “Bunny Exerciser“. Everything was fine until the volunteer coordinator asked me if there were any animals I wasn’t particularly fond of. I practically shouted “MICE!” before she’d even finished her sentence.

The rodents all live together at the SPCA. In order to exercise and cuddle the bunnies, I have to exercise and cuddle the rodents. The MICE. RATS. DEGUS. The deadly rodents that are plotting our violent deaths in their tiny little heads.

No bloody way is the SPCA going to be a safe and loving environment while I’m squealing, trying not to drop the bunnies as I do that “ew ew ew” dance qhe less cute and deadly rodents come towards us.

I shouldn’t have been honest – I’m banned from the Bunny Rooms until I can be at peace with all the rodents.

Stupid degus.


7 thoughts on “thwarted

  1. That, my friend, is a rat. Call me an expert, call me a lunatic… whatever, I know a rat when I see one. The solution? Fire, and lots of it.

  2. I’m not usually crazy about rats/mice myself, but the Palinode and I met a lovely little degu once at a pet store that was pretty smitten with the Palinode. I’d never met rodents with such individual personalities or social natures that extended beyond their own kind.

    Of course, they still have those skinny tails and little rodent teeth.

  3. Heh. We just watched “Ratatouille” and it had a great little short in it concerning the history of rats. You should really watch it – rats really do have a bad rep!

  4. A friend of ours here has a squirrel phobia. Not a dislike or distaste, a genuine, screaming, stay-in-your-house-until-the-squirrel-goes-away phobia. I’m not sure how he’d feel about these degus. To me, they look very very squirrel-like. Maybe I’ll show him the picture and see if he tries to run or hit me.

  5. Oh sure, rodents plotting our death. and yet its ‘insane’ for me and J to think that spiders are taking over the world… pheh.

    I think you would have made a good bunny trainer.

  6. I can’t believe you hate them? I got one and love him to bits, he’s the best pet i’ve ever had and i’ve had over 10 rabbits, a guinea pig,3 cats, 5 dogs, 5 hamsters and baby frogs for 2 weeks! He’s cute and my uncle rescued him when he notice him stumble out onto the road! He was a pet but we think the owner kept them out in a shed! Sadly he lot his tail 4 days later as it was damaged by a cat before we got him. We went to the vets and nobody in the area had informed them of one missing, so over a year later and we have still got Him! We named him Deago and he loves nothing more than for you to talk to him and rub his tummy! =]


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