Happy Easter!

I can smell the spring in the air. It’s just under the upper range of the cold snowy surprise that landed today, but it’s there. I know it’s coming.

Mittens From Goat kinsI’ve been pining for the spring, rolling with the snowy cold punches, peering out the window waiting for the weather to clear for more than a few days at a time. When I’m not battling the elements to get to and from the new job, I’ve been sitting on the loveseat with The Dog, doing that magic that turns string into things.

I’ve knit mittens from hand dyed Redneck Farms yarn. It once kept little goats warm, but now it keeps my fingers gorgeous. I love everything about them -0 the play of colors, the rather itchy finish, the way they fit my hands perfectly.

I have finished a pair of super warm woolen anklets and one of a pair of verry happy socks. Who wouldn’t be happy when striping in such bright giddifying colors?

happy happy sock

I’ve worked three feet (the measurement, not the appendage) of a cashmerino shawl and most of a cotton Swi-ffer cover so I don’t have to use the disposable sw-iffer paper doohickeys that kill the rainforests and overall make me feel like a bad person as I throw them away.  I have a monochromatic  turtle with brown plastic eyes who’s name is Ortle and his best trick is making The Lesbian uncomfortable when she notices that he’s “staring at me again!” There’s also more Jayne hats keeping melons warm throughout western Canada, some prettier than others (if “pretty” is even an acceptable way to describe them). The Husband wears his with pride and has never been ridiculed or questioned while touring the oilfields, proving that, sure enough, folks know that a “man walks down the street in a hat like that, you know he’s not afraid of anything.”

That made me feel kinda productive listing off some of the projects I’ve compiled over the winter. I should probably point out, in case you are suddenly under the impression that I’m an amazingly prolific and effective person, that:

  • I haven’t dusted in three weeks. I can’t find The Lesbian the Lives in the Sparer Oom. The dust bunnies may have eaten her while she was recuperating from a car accident. She’s recovered now, or at least she was last I saw her before the dust kidnapped her.
  • I haven’t filed all the crap that keeps arriving in the mail. Or the important stuff like my tax papers. I’ve long ago cashed my income tax refund but the tax papers are still sitting precariously by the front entrance, waiting to fall into a gust of wind next time the door opens.
  • I haven’t made anything in my pottery class. I’m too busy trying to figure out how the instructor makes the things he does so that I’m not actually successfully turning out much product. I should quit with the learning and start with the making. Or just accept the learning and abandon the making. Such a creative conundrum it is.
  • I haven’t figured out how to keep the kitchen table from collecting miscellaneous crap. The coffee table is more pile than table with various yarns, crochet hooks, knitting needles, vitamins and assorted dog stuff. I think that I can still save the kitchen table. Pray for us.
  • I haven’t sewn the curtains for our new travel trailer / camper / Love Shack. If I don’t get to it, we’ll have the local wildlife staring in at us while we sleep. Creepy.
  • I still haven’t mailed important good stuff to the Bunny Lovers in Regina. Frick. It’s in a box. An open box. Somewhere in the basement. I blame The Husband.
  • I haven’t bought nor knit new dish towels or dish cloths. Due to a very late realization that The Dog likes gross things, especially gross things that involve bits of food embedded into fibre, and that the laundry room door is often left open, I have a collection of slobbery and holey cloths.
  • I haven’t yet arranged to have the interior of my car detailed. Don’t ask. It involves a winter of mud, a duck carcass and my backseat. Ew.

What have you been up to, or failed to get done, peeps?


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Gotten a pair of socks finished and decided this morning that I need to rip back to the heels and knit the foot in plain stockinette.

    Finished one of another pair, with the second one waiting for this afternoon… frogging required there, too, since I made the cuff too long (on the 2nd one, the first one is done and happy).

    Got a sweater waiting for more work on it, lots of color work so it couldn’t travel with me. I want it done before I cast on anything new. When we visit my mother in April, I’ll be bringing magazines and patterns so that she can choose a project for her birthday.

    My house is astonishingly clean, considering I was just away for a week and left the husband and children alone. Taxes… yeah, gotta get on that, and stat, because of a Very Large Problem related to my husband’s inheritance trust thing, which we can’t touch yet but still finds ways to impact our lives. Good times.

    I’m tired just thinking of the list of to-do’s, actually. Can I just go back to the beach for a few more days?

  2. I haven’t knit anything. Haven’t created anything. A bunch of pictures, I suppose. The bedroom closet wall is getting rebuilt slowly, but I can’t really take credit for that – Mostly Brian’s doing. I’m working on the “housework” thing a lot. trying to do little bits every day. I have a shiny sink and clean bathroom walls, oh and a tidy desk… But everything else is still pretty dirtastic… Looking forward to spring though, keep getting my hopes up, then it snows again. Not that I should be surprised, considering I’ve lived in this city my entire life… Okay, enough rambling for now. Ciao, Darling!

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