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(blink blink)

Well that was quite a hiatus. I have a new job which I adore so I spend more time with coworkers working on cool software and discussing fecal transplants rather than spend my days staring at the ceiling, hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel to move closer. And once I’d stopped blogging for a month during a really busy project, I couldn’t seem to come back.

our house in the middle of the street

our house in the middle of the street

But now, it’s 2 months past deadline of my “101 things to do in 1001 days” so I’m back to give an update because I have ignored #101 Blog weekly so I can be reminded of these 101 things and how it comes to be that they become reality. Oops.

I had some incredible success and I’ll include most of the incomplete items on the next list with some modifications. These are all things I’d still like to do. I’m not taking it as a failure that I completed 36% of the list. I didn’t realize how all-encompassing some of these items would be, leading me to new experiences that I really wasn’t expecting, some good, some never to be re-visited. The joyous points:  #60 Volunteer with a group I’ve never volunteered with before led me to the Humane Society which led to Sunday mornings walking dogs, which also helped with #15 Size 14 because I’m down 32 pounds now that I’m walking an extra 2 hours every week. Walking led to being dog foster parents and we now experience the joy of hosting dogs without actually having to own them. We just came off a week long stint with 2 of the teeniest puppies, having all the laughter and joy of puppy-hood and just as we were about to be driven crazy by puppy antics and puppy poo, it was time to take them back. It’s a great job, paid in doggy kisses and slobber and we both adore it.

Each item on my list made me start thinking and questioning. I didn’t complete #28 crochet a scarf to give away to the dropin center (a large local homeless shelter) because the point itself made me think that one scarf may help one person but wow, there’s lots of cold people here… so we did a winter jacket collection at work instead, which introduced me to people who live out of the Drop In Center which led me to being part of Project Homelessness Connect which stretched my empathy and made me feel like a part of my community. I overcame my Fear of The Kitchen, went through my cookbooks and worked through #100 Try 20 new recipes. My version of cooking is no longer just “add heat” and I now shop for things that are not labeled “instant”. I can make BUTTER CHICKEN from scratch, from memory. Anyone who’s had to eat a meal at my house made by me would definitely call that miraculous.

My absolute favorite achievement: #71 Stop paying rent and start paying a mortgage

That’s right, we’re mother-f*ing HOMEOWNERS now, dude. It’s still too amazing to be true. We still feel like the bank made some sort of clerical error but it just doesn’t matter because we have LAND and WINDOWS and APPLIANCES. I hesitated to hang up a bulletin board that would leave a permanent mark on the wall and The Husband laughed “It’s YOUR wall, do whatever the hell you want with it”. So I did. Because it’s my wall.

Each point on the list would lead to another list of points to explore. I did not realize that a simple list of 101 things would introduce a never-ending journey. I’m excited to see what the next 1001 days will bring.

What was your crowning achievement in the last 1001 days?


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