week of grace – #2

This week’s small things:

  1. We got free Christmas lights from our neighborhood association!
  2. Our friends had us over for supper and it was the best combo of good company, delicious ribs and  laughter.
  3. Both of our recent foster puppies have been adopted and will be going to their new homes this week.
  4. I skipped a frenemy Christmas party.  That in itself made this a glowing gold star week.
  5. Another week with a smaller arse by eating healthy and exercise (does chair-dancing to Lady Gaga for 4 days straight count as exercise?)
  6. When I walk around our new neighborhood, people smile and wave when they meet on the street. I like that way more than my habit of trouncing to the mailbox in my pajamas.
  7. The Husband makes me laugh:

Two atoms are sitting at the bar.
Atom One: “Egads, I think I’ve lost an electron!”
Atom Two: “Are you sure?”
Atom One: “Yes. I’m POSITIVE.”

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 days of Grace in Small Things.


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