Social Studies 101 from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I actually learned more about parliament from this article than in an entire university semester of political science:

What Is Happening In Canada

I’m one of the 62% that didn’t vote for the current government so I’m torn, reading hourly. Will Mme Jean declare Stephane Dion the Prime Minister? Will Steven Harper’s head blow right off today? Will the MP’s all get an extra long Xmas vacation while the economy is circling the drain?

And I thought the Americans had all of the political drama! 


3 thoughts on “Social Studies 101 from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

  1. Hey! Layout change! Fun, fun. I blogged yesterday for the first time in a while, and started out very grumpy and complainy – so I decided to name 7 blessings, and wound up in a WAY better mood. It’s quite amazing, actually. So, thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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