poo poo on the emo

I’ve changed the theme again (of this blog. My life theme remains the same as it was a week ago: “Crap, it’s ringing… where’d I put my phone?”). I’m revolving colors and layouts, but nothing is really me so I’ll just keep changing. Change itself is more me than anything static anywho – after all, this is a space for gypsy.

The city has been feeling Mother Nature’s need to redecorate in crisp, cold, white. Very vogue. The snowfall over the last two weeks measures in feet rather than inches and the city tire shops are experiencing a boom, wait lists into February to purchase winter tires. The traffic snarls at 12 km/hr and I was able to knit on a last-minute gift during the morning’s commute… while DRIVING.

As for knitting, I didn’t do nearly enough this past summer to compensate for the bone chiller that’s in the air now. I was diving through the yarn stash last night , cursing that the yarn was still yarn rather than cleverly stitched up hats and mittens and scarves and sweaters.  Diamond D brought me back a skein of wool from Amsterdam, soft squooshy and lovely colors that should already be a neck warmer cuddled under my chin… but it’s not. The lovely silk wool blend destined to become a slouchy hat to keep a cranium cozy? The ball of yarn is sitting on top of the pile, waiting patiently, receiving only the odd caress while I pass through. The 8 (12? good lord, I’ve lost count) balls of sock yarn? Nope, not socks.  Our nearly hairless dog refuses to leave the house unless absolutely necessary – I physically picked her up and threw her out the door on Saturday morning. A warm woolen sweater, she needs. 

A wee sweater for a wee bear

Instead, I’ve been knitting stuffed animal clothing. And in hindsight, the stuffed animals are already warm from being, you know, STUFFED so I should have prioritized my time more effectively. Just know that a stuffed pig and his friends will be very warm while the rest of us are made to purchase commercial accessories to keep us protected until my needles fly at a faster pace.

How are you keeping the winter chill at bay?
(Californians – I assume your answer is “by living in California”. Ah, my envy of your average seasonal temperatures is at an all time high.)


One thought on “poo poo on the emo

  1. Living in California certainly does help, as long as you have a place to live and can pay for heat of course. Homeless shelters here are stretched to their limits.

    There was a killing frost here this morning, which doesn’t happen very often at all. I had to give an impromptu seminar to my co-workers about scraping frost of one’s windshield with a credit card (they’d never heard of such a thing).

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