week of grace – #6

This week’s small things:

  1. Clamato juice, oh how yee make holidays lovely.
  2. That bite sized goodie that is chocolate and almond slices layered onto caramel layered onto saltine crackers. It shouldn’t be good but dudes, it’s AMAZING.
  3. Home made perogies.
  4. The Yarn Harlot and Knitters without Borders
  5. Hearing my 2 year old nephew call my name to come play with him in his tent. He can’t quite pronounce my name yet and it’s so adorable.
  6. My neighbors who take turns shovelling the sidewalk that runs down our block.  Especially the gentleman that saw me struggling during my turn yesterday, and he came out with his shovel to give me a hand. 
  7. Christmas Day Naptime!

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 days of Grace in Small Things. I’m doing it every Sunday for 52 weeks.


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